Springfield’s No-Kill Pet Shelter

Pets to Go is a nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter serving the Springfield area. Our mission is to give these homeless animals a second chance through our rescue, shelter, and adoption programs. We were founded in 1990 with a few simple objectives: save and place cats and dogs in new homes, and educate the public about spaying and neutering their pets. We’re now one of the largest no-kill shelters in the state! Each year, Pets to Go helps more than 1,300 cats and dogs find permanent homes. Pets to Go needs your help in many ways:

ADOPT: Make all the difference in the life or a dog or cat.

VOLUNTEER: Help us save the lives of hundreds of abandoned and unwanted pets each year.

DONATE: Support our life-saving mission. Our Annual Adopt-a-Rama takes place Saturday, December 4! Click here for details.

Our Annual Adopt-a-Rama takes place Suterday, December 4! Click here for details


With as many as 50 dogs and cats available at any given time, and with over 1,300 animals adopted annually, we endeavor to promote no-kill alternatives through our innovative programs. We give all the animals complete medical and behavioral evaluations, and our staff works with you to help your new pet feel comfortable in its new home. It’s our pleasure to assist both these deserving pets and their new parents!

He is a Rottweiler. His name is Bob. He gets along with anybody, even with children as well. But he needs moderate exercise daily. A person who likes outdoor, or a joggers, a cyclists is good match.
Rob the Rottweiler, the friendly grant, 3 years old, lovable dog. He is very sweet, and gets along with children as well.
Rex is available for adoption at Pet to Go
Rex is Jack Russell and Beagle cross, very active 10 weeks old puppy. He likes people and kids also. He needs lots of exercise.
Snow is available for adoption.
She is 12 weeks old, samoyed x yellow lab mix. She is so sweet and lovable.
Buddy is available for adoption.
Buddy is Jack Russell Terrier x toy beagle cross, 4 months old very active friendly puppy.
Molly is available for adoption.
She is 2 years old, golden retriever, yellow lab cross, she is gentle and get along with small children.
Tank is available for adoption.
Tank is 3 years old, gentle and lovable young bulldog.


Adopt These Affectionate Kittens

Snowball and Sally are available for adoption at Pets to Go.

Snowball and Sally: 6-month-old, spayed female domestic shorthairs, 4 lbs (Snowball) and 5 lbs (Sally)

If you’re looking to bring some love and joy into your home, look no further than these two girls. They’re 6-month-old rescues—amazingly sweet and loving. They’re affectionate (big-time purrers and cuddlers), playful, and endlessly entertaining. They are also healthy, have had their shots, have been spayed, and are litterbox trained. Because they’ve bonded to each other, we’d like to keep them together.

For information about Snowball and Sally, call Jessica at Pets to Go—(555) 555-5555.